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Video: Installing a Septic Tank Manhole

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Video: Master Plumber Pat Scheper Explains How a Septic System Works

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Apple Plumbing & Heating Welcomes New Apprentice to the Team

Westminster, Maryland. May 18, 2016. Apple Plumbing & Heating Inc., a full service plumbing company located in Westminster, Maryland is pleased to announce that apprentice plumber/gas fitter Robert Harry Eyler has joined the Apple Plumbing Team. Robert has over six years experience in the plumbing industry including well pump installations, pressure tanks, sewer lines, and water heater installations. Robert will be taking his journeyman license exam in 2016. Apple Plumbing provides general plumbing, well pump,

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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

I’m often asked “When should I replace my water heater?” or “When will my water heater fail?” The answer to both questions is “I don’t know! But I can give you and educated guess”. By a failing water heater I mean a water heater that starts leaking. A leaking heater cannot be repaired…not ever. If a heater stops producing hot water, then it most likely can be fixed. But if it leaks, it is dead.

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What is the MaP Toilet Rating?

As I said in my last post, some toilets are high efficient (use little water) but are low performance. There is a way to determine if a high efficient toilet will flush well before it is installed.  It is called the MaP rating.  MaP stands for Maximum Performance. MaP is a Maximum Performance scale that rates toilet efficiency and flush performance, plus gives detailed information on individual toilet characteristics. The result is up-to-date, independently verified comprehensive

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All About Toilets

We all use it, many times every day: The throne, The Crapper, The Head, a Water Closet…The Toilet.  It’s one on those inventions that has become so much an everyday item that we scarcely notice it…until it malfunctions.  The flush toilet was invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington when he described a new kind of water closet: a raised cistern with a small pipe down which water ran when released by a valve. It

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Visit Us at the Home Show for Free Water Testing!

We’ll be at the Carroll County Home Show this weekend at the Ag Center, March 12 & 13. Bring us a sample of your tap water, and we’ll test it for acid, hardness, nitrates, chlorine & iron right on the spot for you! We’ll have plenty of water sample containers on hand in case you forget. Chris, our water treatment specialist, will also be on hand to answer any and all questions about water treatment

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Toilet Repair Month

OCTOBER IS: NATIONAL TOILET TANK REPAIR MONTH I have been involved either part time or full time with the plumbing industry for over 47 years, and I never knew that there is a National Toilet Tank Repair Month.  Or I knew and just chose to ignore it. Regardless, it is now at the forefront of my consciousness and I am compelled to comment on National Toilet Tank Repair Month.  First, who or what entity declared

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Why Sewer Pipe Inspections Should be on Every Home Buyers Inspection List

They say spring and summer are the peak times for real estate transactions, and for some home buyers, soon after moving into their new home is when they discover they have a sewer line issue. This past summer, we’ve had more than a few customers who’ve recently purchased homes and soon after discovered that their sewer lines were cracked, crushed, clogged with roots or other matter, or had multiple sags or “bellies” (more on that

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Apple Plumbing Nominated Carroll’s Best Fourth Year in a Row!

The results are in! Apple Plumbing was nominated for the fourth year in a row as Carroll County’s Best Plumber in the Carroll County Times’ “Carroll’s Best” contest. This year, Apple also recived an Honorable Mention for Best Water Softening/Conditioning Company. Thank you to all who voted!

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