Sewer Line Cleaning

Apple Plumbing takes care of all sewer and fixture clogs, sewer line repair and replacement (city and septic), sewer pipe location services, and sewer line inspections for home buyers.draincamera

With state of the art equipment ranging from hand tools to cameras to 3/4hp rooting machines we have the technology to take care from a poor flushing toilet to a whole house backing up.

Help keep your drains clean by:

  • using organic drain cleaning liquids to clear scum/grease such as baking soda followed by a pot of boiler water
  • using liquid root killers (these help but are not a long term solution to roots)
  • pulling out tub/sink stoppers to clean off hair
  • running water down unused drains to keep traps filled to prevent sewer gases from coming up
  • using garbage disposals for small food scraps only (Never put spaghetti, fruit rinds, meats, vegetable scraps and other large pieces of food down drains)

Just a toilet or sink clogged? We take care of that too! Clogged Drains.

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