PH Neutralizers

Acid is the presence of hydrogen ions in water and is measured in water through the pH scale which ranges from 1 (most acidic) to 14 (most basic). Pure water is neutral with a pH of 7 and ideally, residential water should be between 7.0-7.5 on the pH scale. Note that the pH scale is logarithmic, so a pH of 5 is 10 times as acidic as a pH of 6.PH neutralizers

The EPA recommends treating water with a pH of 6.5 and below. Acid is neutralized by dissolving basic minerals such as calcium carbonate into water. Backwashing neutralizers can be used to treat water with a pH of 5.5 and higher (in most applications).

Benefits of a Neutralizer

  • Neutralizes acid to protect pipes, faucets, water heaters, boilers, etc. from corrosion
  • Eliminate blue/green staining associated with a low pH

Lancaster Legacy Series Neutralizer Features

  • Electronic head w/ microprocessor to control operations
  • Automatic backwash system cleans tank to keep flow rates high
  • Vortech distributor increases flow rates and acid neutralizing efficiency
  • Bypass valve keeps the water on during servicing
  • 1” Riser and self cleaning distributor minimizes pressure losses
  • Custom medium application to treat your water

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The assessment includes:

  • Water Quality Test for  acid, hardness, nitrates, chlorine & iron
  • Equipment recommendations, sizing, and location
  • Well pump and tank inspection
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