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To keep your plumbing system running smoothly, it is important to note what you can and cannot flush down your toilet in order to ensure that your pipes stay clog-free. There are certain items you should never consider flushing down your toilet, including but not limited to:

Baby Wipes:

Even if your baby wipes say that they are flushable, they are not safe to flush down your toilet and have actually been found to be the cause of many clogged pipes. “Flushable” baby wipes do not disintegrate the same way that toilet paper and can eventually cause pricey plumbing issues with time.

Cotton Balls, Q-tips and other Cotton Products:

Cotton is another item you should never flush down your toilet because it also doesn’t break down the way regular toilet paper does, but instead clumps together in your pipes, causing problems in the future.

Paper Towels, Facial Tissues and Napkins:

Even though you may think that these items are similar to toilet paper, they are just not designed to break down the same way your toilet paper does. If you must use one of these items in place of toilet paper, make sure to dispose of it into a wastebasket!

A good rule of thumb is to only flush human waste and actual toilet paper down your toilet. If you follow that rule, your plumbing and septic systems will last longer, and you’ll prevent a potential backup from occurring.

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