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Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air provides reliable HVAC services in Westminster. We work with homeowners, local businesses, and general contractors looking for HVAC cleaning, repairs, and installations that they can trust to hold up against Maryland’s seasonal temperatures.

Let our family-run HVAC company in Westminster help keep your home safe.

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With over three decades of experience, our technicians understand the ins and outs of your home’s HVAC system. Whether you experience a minor part failure or require a brand-new unit, let our HVAC company in Westminster provide the services you need to keep your family safe and comfortable year-round.

Have any questions regarding the plumbing, heating or cooling work for your home? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 410-840-8118!

We’ve used Apple for a plumbing issue before and, more recently, a repair on our boiler. Being relatively new home owners, we’re still very much learning about the ins and outs of our home. Rick and Brad were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They were able to arrive before the appointment window, then diagnosed the problem and replaced the part quickly. The pricing was fair and I love that the part comes with a 2 year warranty.

— Meg S. (Google Review)

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Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Systems & Services

What are the main components of a home HVAC system?

Home HVAC systems have seven key elements that make up the units.

Main Unit: Traditional systems include heat pumps, central ACs, furnaces or boilers as their main cooling and heating units.

Thermostat: Considered the brain of an HVAC system, thermostats control when your unit turns on and off based on their settings.

Air Handler: Air handlers hold the components required to circulate air throughout the home.

Evaporator Coil: Evaporator coils facilitate an HVAC’s cooling and heating and are a crucial component of any home unit.

Condenser Coil: This coil is attached to the outdoor condenser unit and works with the indoor evaporator coil to regulate indoor temperatures.

Heat Exchanger: Gas furnaces rely on heat exchangers to generate warmth inside the home and require regular HVAC maintenance to ensure there are no cracks — which can lead to harmful gas emissions.

HVAC Ducts: HVAC ductwork is responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout a home or business and requires regular inspections to ensure no leaks are present.

What are the types of HVAC maintenance services available?

There are three primary HVAC maintenance services homeowners can inquire about.

Test & Inspection

A basic test and inspection program requires one or two inspections per year. An HVAC service technician will take an initial look at the equipment and how it functions. Foil changes may be included.

Standard Maintenance

Standard HVAC maintenance service typically includes two to four inspections per year and will often include a pre-cool / pre-heat inspection, where the technician will take a deeper look into the unit to ensure it’s running smoothly.


Comprehensive HVAC cleaning and maintenance may vary depending on the HVAC company but will typically include four or more inspections each year, including two additional operational check-ups and a coil or condenser cleaning.

Contact Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air today to learn more about our HVAC system services.

How often should my HVAC system be inspected?

No matter what kind of heating and cooling equipment you have in your home, regular and consistent inspections are integral to maintaining the longevity of your home’s HVAC unit.

We recommend engaging in HVAC maintenance and cleaning at least once a year to ensure any minor issues can be addressed right away and your system is able to continue to service your household during all seasonal temperatures.

How can an HVAC service technician help me?

HVAC systems are an integral part of any home and should be cleaned, repaired, and installed by a service technician who specializes in these complex units.

Our professional HVAC service technicians in Westminster are highly trained and well-versed in all things heating and cooling.

When a duct starts leaking, or an air conditioner needs to be entirely replaced, they have the equipment and knowledge to do so without compromising the integrity of the home’s plumbing and wiring. Each technician is covered by liability insurance for the customer’s peace of mind and is able to provide relevant tips for ensuring the longevity of your current or newly installed unit.

Trust our Westminster HVAC services to deliver fast and reliable results every time.

What type of local HVAC services do you offer?

Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air is proud to offer a wide selection of commercial and residential HVAC services, including:

With our premier HVAC services, we help you find the proper heating or cooling solutions for your home.

What sets Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air apart from other Westminster HVAC service companies?

When you work with our HVAC company in Westminster, you’ll experience the commitment and care to quality assurance that only comes from an award-winning team, family-owned and operated business. We understand first-hand what it means to put family first and have tailored our local HVAC services to reflect these beliefs.

Whether you’re looking to install a new furnace or repair your air conditioning unit, you’ll receive one of our highly-trained technicians at your doorstep, ready with the tools and knowledge to fix any minor or major issue in your home.

Faced with an urgent HVAC repair need? No need to stress! We offer emergency HVAC repair for your peace of mind.

Do you offer emergency HVAC services?

When your HVAC unit stops working unexpectedly or you notice a duct leak, you need immediate HVAC system services. Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air is proud to offer emergency HVAC repair in Westminster, MD, ensuring you and your family are never left without the heating or cooling you need to remain safe and comfortable in your home.

Call us today to speak with an HVAC service technician.

How much do commercial or residential HVAC services cost?

The cost of commercial or residential HVAC service will depend on the type of service required. We offer a wide range of HVAC cleaning, maintenance, repair, and HVAC installation services — each with its own equipment and technician requirements.

Contact an HVAC service technician from Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air for a free on-site estimate or to discuss our HVAC financing options.

Where can I find a local HVAC and plumbing company near me?

Apple Plumbing, Heating & Air is proud to be a local HVAC service and repair company in Westminster, helping homeowners and businesses in the community.

Our company’s journey began in 1994 and has remained a family-run business ever since. Whether you’re looking for an HVAC cleaning service or you’re faced with an emergency HVAC repair need, we’ve got you covered!

A service technician will arrive on-site to assess your needs and provide a free estimate on the spot. Let our family protect yours all season long.

Contact our HVAC and plumbing company today to learn more.